My name is Bryan. I like music, anime, food, skate, and other stuff.

Im really friendly so ask me things :)


i need to clear my mind of this anger and all the rage that i’ve held near if i’m going to live up to the words i’ve spoken.

“These demons will never leave me. But I control them, not the other way around.”

– We Came As Romans (via candidalucent)

Don’t catch me at the wrong time, or you will feel my wrath.


The one I wish I never had.

“Let it go, just let it go. I know, I need to let go of everything that has happened to me, myself, and I”

– What I Wished I Never Had - We Came As Romans (via itzfortneymayne)

Understanding What We've Grown To Be


We Came As Romans-What I Wish I Never Had