ur waifu is shit.

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The Hunger Games Fandom to the Harry Potter Fandom: We just wanted to let you all know that we never aim to be better than you because we all love you and Harry Potter was our childhood! <3
The Hunger Games Fandom to the Twilight Fandom: We're nothing like you.

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Katniss, the girl on fire.

Rue’s lullaby



282/365: The Hunger Games by nonchalantgirl on Flickr.
Katniss: You have a remarkable memory.
Peeta: I remember everything about you, you're the one who wasn't paying attention.
Katniss: I am now.
Peeta: Well, I don't have much competition here.
Katniss: You don't have much competition anywhere.

The Hunger Games series gif

I just need the last one, I saw it at walmart but sadly I had no money&#160;: / 

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just add Vampire Academy in there and its perfect

186 days until The Hunger Games Movie!!


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