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My cyberman tattoo done by John at Drunken Sailor Tattoo parlour, in Newquay, Cornwall, United Kingdom.
Ive loved Doctor Who since i was a little kid, and it was always something me and my Dad would do together.
This is my most latest addition to a in progress full sleeve all dedicated to things Doctor Who!

I got this tattoo done in the summer in North Minneapolis, MN. 
Every time I explain this tattoo, it could go beyond. My meaning of “Life is in the eyes and hands of the beholder” goes from life can be anything and everything. To create life, we use our hands and our eyes. Those who cannot see uses their hands as their eyes. How we feel, how we live our lives, how we perceive the life we live, all comes down to how much effort we put in it.  

Sri YantraDone by Roger Diesel (http://instagram.com/roger_diesel1/) In Venezuela :) 

La Dispute tattoo. Repping Grand Rapids.

I got this giraffe in memory of one of my best friends. She was tall and beautiful. Her favorite animal was the giraffe. She has a pink bow on her tail and ladylike eyelashes. I love and miss her so much, this tattoo is just there to always remind me that she will always be here.
The artist was Tiffiny at American Tattoo in Brunswick, MD.

Kustom Kulture (Woodhaven, MI) done by Kurt Heise

Got it done at Octopus Ink in Mcallen TX
Sugar skull

 This is a tat that my cousin did Follow him at @_twin_2wice_art on Instagram His Shop Is Located on N.Claiborne In New Orleans LA

‘i will never falter i’ll stand my ground’
yes these are a day to remember lyrics :D
third tattoo~ i got it done in Elgin, Illinois at Top Notch
i’m in love with it and the band