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"I Know in Life I Won’t Be
Satisfied Unless I Live
My Life With you, Don’t Wanna
Live One Single Day Apart
I Hope I Die Before You Do"

- (via ctm1119)


Submitted by -darlingnicotine.
Going here saturday and staying the night :) hope to GOD they have some nice skate spots or else its gonna be as boring as waiting inline at mcdonalds >.< it’ll be chill MA BROS are comming Fredi, Ivan, Chris and my cousins who are skaters too it’ll be like the time we ditched the wedding and skated the Huntsville court house :D 

Life was all a Dream

Crying out loud for someone to save me Numb to everything in life I’ve been dead to you for way too long, I’m on the edge of losing it all Desperately looking for something Crying out for someone to save me Through the words that somebody gave you Breathe into me

Finding Love in a Bottle

My mouth’s dry, My stomach’s uneasy, What a crazy night, Roll off the couch and go get some coffee, I smoke a cigarette, Put out my smoke and turn the shower on, The water rolls and washes away, Pop the bottle and turn out the lights, Make a toast to the moon and drink, Here’s to honor here’s to living the dream, We’re still young and we can go all night, I’m Finding Love In a Bottle of…