ur waifu is shit.

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Enter Shikari - No Sleep Tonight

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"Then we can explore space together, forever."

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Enter Shikari, LetLive., La Dispute.


Time to lie down and learn about life through music while I try to attempt to sleep


poem for college :’) i love shikari way too much

"Home could be anywhere when I am holding you"

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"Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t think that the primary purpose of your life, of my life and the entirety of the human race is just to blindly consume to support a failing economy and a faulty system, forever and ever until we run out of every resource and have to resort to blowing each other up to ensure our own survival. I don’t think we’re supposed to sit by idle whilst we continue to use the long outdated system that produces war, poverty, collusion, corruption, ruins our environment and threatens every aspect of our health and does nothing but divide and segregate us. I don’t think how much military equipment we’re selling to other countries, how many hydrocarbons we’re burning, how much money is being printed in exchange is a good measure of how healthy our society is. But I do think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re sick of this shit."

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