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“For once don’t be so weak,
Back up the feelings that you claim now.”

“The Past Should Stay Dead” - Emarosa (via riddleofromance)


The Past Should Stay Dead - Emarosa


The Past Should Stay Dead - Emarosa

“Who decides how far we go? Who walks behind us incase we trip over the smallest crack?”

– Emarosa, Just Another Marionette. (via itsinevitable)


The fear sets in,
of knowing how short our time is.
The shortness of stride,
Not a single excuse to prove that we were meant for this.



Just Another Marionette by Emarosa

“If you hear something strange in my voice
oh its conviction
detest my words
they have no ill meaning”

– Emarosa (via leeshmarshall)

Tell me what I wanna hear, and I’ll take you anywhere that you wanna go, I’ll take you there.



I Still Feel Her pt. 4 - Emarosa

I still feel her Pt 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Pt. 1: He begins his journey to her, fighting through ice, wind, and snow.

Pt. 2: He arrives, barely alive, only to die in her lap with three final words.

Pt. 3: She is haunted by regret and his memory…and by those last three words.

Pt. 4: She has come to terms with his death. Their love has come too far to be stopped by death, and at last she finds comfort in his soul watching over her.