ur waifu is shit.

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"I think fisting should be called ‘upper-cunting.’"

- Bo Burnham (via boburnhamquotes)


I love Bo

"In the back I sit and I nod to the beats of my iPod!"

- Bo Burnham (via rainbowperry)

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yep. he speaks the truth.

when you say something sarcastic and everyone thinks your a serious jerk


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"My grandfather had alzhiemer’s and one day we were…"

- Bo Burnham (via ohboburnham)

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"Oedipus was the first motherfucker."

- Bo Burnham (via xtoq)

"Twitter is a lot like crystal meth, because it’s really fun to do and Oprah’s on it."

- Bo Burnham. (via mattchustew)